New product: G100/G200 HD Game Transmitter

G100/G200 enables Google Cardboard VR Glass to play VR Game wirelessly.
With HDMI in, G100/G200 can input any video source including Xbox/PlayStation/BD/DVD/Receiver/OTT box/Apple TV/PC and transmits video wirelessly to your mobile phone, which works as display screen in your VR Glass. The ultra-low latency 0.06 second makes gamers feel no delay at all. For more details, please check G100/G200 product webpages.

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New product: M750 iCable

M750 iCable is the adaptor of Lighting-HDMI cable projecting iPhone/iPad(MHL) screen into big screens like TV/Projector. Unlike other Miracast dongles using WiFi for AirPlay with delay, M750 has extreme-low latency that bare eyes cannot tell the difference. It??s perfect for iPhone game players to enjoy mobile phone games on big screen. The 2-meter cable delivers up to 1080P 30FPS full HD video quality without interference of WiFi signals. There is no APP needed for M750, just follow the connection step on screen. For more details, please check M750 product webpage.

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Window Driver v5192 supports Windows 10

Windows driver v5192 supports Windows 10 for following Satellite models: S464/S471/S472/S660/S662/S482. Please download driver from our Support page http://www.tevii.com/Tevii_Release_v5192_20140915.rar

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New product: D700 4K UHD PVR

D700 is a HD video recorder with PVR feature. It can grab various video source (DVD/STB/Android Box/PS4/XBOX/PC..) with (HDMI/YPbPr/AV/VGA) connectors and record it as 1080P 30FPS MP4 video on external USB HDD or PC. The input video could be as high as 4K UHD (4096x2160). HDMI pass-through gives no latency in playing games/watch videos while recording. With user-friendly OSD (On Screen Display), users can easily set up schedule recording, language & time with remote control. PVR feature provides users to playback recorded video instantly.
The microphone input allows users to add their commentary to the gameplay recorded.

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New product: Octa core Android Box P400

P400 is an Octa (8) core Android TV Box based on latest chip RK3368 from Rockchip. The CPU uses 64-bit ARM Cortex A53 and is able to decode H.264 AVC 4Kx2K@30fps & H.265 HEVC 4Kx2K@60fps. P400 is running with the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop and supports HTML 5, OTT service like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube. Without any doubt, P400 is the best choice as Home Entertainment Gateway for your livingroom.

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New product: D612 HD Grabber Mini & D614 HD Grabber Dual

D612/D614 are HD Capture boxes with HDMI Input & Output. D612 allows user to record HD content from HDMI sources such as DVD / DVB receivers / PS4 / Xbox. With its HDMI pass-through, users could enjoy real-time movie/gameplay while recording it on USB storage (USB Flash Drive & USB HDD). D614 could also connect to PC, so users could record on PC HDD & playback recorded file instantly. Both D612/D614 use hardware compression and are able to record up to 1080P 30FPS in MP4/H.264 format.

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New product: Quad core Android Box P405 & P405T

P405 & P405T are the Home Entertainment Gateway for your living room. With latest Amlogic quad core CPU, P405 & P405T can play multimedia Video/Audio/Music files and display on the big TV screen in your living room via HDMI. Running on Android 4.4, P405/P405T enable you to download thousands of Android applications from Google Play. Through embedded DVB-T2 tuner, P405T allows you to receive HD DVB-T/T2 channels with crystal clear TV program. You don??t need to buy extra HD DVB-T receiver. It turns your living room into a family entertainment center

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New product: T820 DVB-T2 tuner for Android & W220 DVB-T2Wifi tuner

T820 is the perfect DVB-T2 tuner for Android Phone/Tablet. Connected to your Android device, T820 allows you to watch and record FTA DVB-T2/DVB-T TV programs. The compact size & tiny antenna are very convenient to carry. The free APK iDTV II is available on Google Play for download.

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Google Widevine Level One DRM

We have added Google Widevine Level One DRM support for our P240 (Dual core) & P405 (Quad core) Android box. DRM (Digital Right Management) is mandatory for OTT content licensed from studios like Sony Pictures / Warner Brother / Disney / 20th Century Fox / MGM?¦etc.

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